Wellington Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Frequently asked Questions

Q.   Who can attend an SLAA meeting?
A.   SLAA meetings are open to those who have identified as sex, love or relationship addicts. If you are unsure, feel free to contact someone at  info@slaawellington.org.nz.

Q.   What costs are involved?
A.   SLAA membership is free to those who need it. The group is entirely self funding through the contributions of its members, although there is no obligation to contribute.

Q.   Are the meetings segregated?
A.   No. Both men and women attend the groups.

Q.   Will I have to speak at a meeting?
A.   No. People are invited to share at meetings but there is no obligation to do so.

Q.   How is my identity protected?
A.   Anonymity is one of the foundations of the fellowship. You only need reveal as much about yourself as you are comfortable. First names only are used in meetings. No records are kept or details recorded about attendees or members.

Q.   What is the difference between the different Wellington meetings?
A.   Each meeting concentrates on a slightly different focus for recovery. Some look at readings from approved SLAA literature, some concentrate on the steps to recovery and some are more focused on topics of discussion. All the meetings have common elements and it comes down to personal preference, location and scheduling as to which meeting you attend. Some members attend more than one meeting a week.

Q.   Some of the SLAA literature talks about God. Is this a faith based fellowship?
A.   SLAA is non-denominational. SLAA members develop a faith in a power greather than themselves to help them in their recovery, and this varies for each individual. For some that power is the fellowship itself, for others it may be a more traditional faith based entity. Each member uses the term "God" as he or she understands it.

Q.   Can I talk to someone before attending a meeting?
A.   Yes. Contact details are listed along with meeting times and venues for each group.

Q.   What have I got to lose by attending a meeting?
A.   Nothing.


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